tortoise made of tile roof


sheep made of mossy wall


"Lisbeth Salander spent Christmas morning reading Mikael Blomkvist's controversial book about financial journalism, The Knights Templar: A Cautionary Tale for Financial Reporters. The cover had a trendy design by Christer Malm featuring a photograph of the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Malm had worked in PhotoShop, and it took a moment to notice that the building was floating in air. It was a dramatic cover with which to set the tone for what was to come."

pg. 101 of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson
Translated from the original Swedish by Reg Keeland


seal made of tile, floor (worn) diagonal


stag beetle made of tiles, wood structure ocre, herringbone pattern


manta ray made of clover


bull made of red brick wall


fishy made of plywood


giraffe made of paving stones


hippo made of carpet (cyan)

let me make you a list of personal insecurites surrounding my art:
  1. not "black metal" enough
  2. not "rap" enough
  3. too small
  4. no consistent theme that says "jeff made this" (unless you count shitiness)
  5. starting to think that sheer volume of output does not make up for
    1. lack of good ideas
    2. lack of physical objects (not counting glow-in-the-dark daleks)
    3. everything i make looking like its from 2006 and this is 2010
  6. maybe i should spend more time than it takes to toast a pop-tart to make something
  7. other stuff but i'm bored now





Me with Mossy Face

soundtrack for this particular artwork:


i accidently let irlmoney.com expire. so torn up over the whole thing.
anyway, i need to think of a new url so i can continue my extraordinarily successful online money making campaign etc etc. :(


What I Did On My Summer Vacation Pt.7
Marveled as God Himself made me chicken cheese steaks.


lets make unicode faces


What I Did On My Summer Vacation Pt.6
Spent 2 hours looking for a Bank of America, ended up paying rent with paypal.


What I Did On My Summer Vacation Pt.5
Redeemed a coupon for a little dish with sheep on it.


What I Did On My Summer Vacation Pt.4
Got the shit eye for looking at sillybandz for 45 minutes at the fucking Candy Kitchen instead of buying candy.