nobody answered me :(


actual footage of the international space station even though it looks like its made on a computer!

if you throw a marquee on an image thats made up of dots like this one:

you get a strobing effect like this:

the weird thing is that some scrollamounts (the speed of the marquee) don't cause this effect. this is set to 30, 20 didn't work for me, neither did 31. maybe its a refresh rate thing?
anyway, i basically jacked this effect from looking at out-4-pizza and scrolling the page up and down at different speeds.

its hard to type left handed for realz

sometimes helicopters fly over the top of my house really low chasing bad guys:

thats a 3gp file so maybe its not playing. it works in my browser.
i think i'm gonna keep autoplay off for now.


someone might have done this already but its a goddamn great idea:

<table width="600" height="200" background="../images/linesbg.jpg">
    <img src="../images/transparent.gif">


party last night (it's a gaussian blur)

my cat just puked everywhere
no pictures for that


dreamhost gave me 75 free dollars to be used for adwords promotion and i can use it all on irlmoney.
i don't really understand the mechanics of adwords.