hey there, i made a new thing. it lives here: work/themorphage/
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anza berrego desert near julian, ca.


sorry about the use of coarse language and an unbecoming of the holiday season attitude, so here is my very favorite image ever, as an apology:

if anyone knows where this is from could you let me know? okay.


this rhizome discussion has been making the rounds again.

so anyway i didnt read it the first time but this time i did, and uh. does anyone actually give a fuck about anything anyone says here? Serious Question.
this actually is sort of about art theory in general. cuz i'm saying, i just have no fucking idea what anything in the entire 78 page conversation means and it is just. so. boring.
okay, with that said, i made a little form here to get some opinions.

the questions is this:
do you, as an artist or a fan of "contemporary art", actually think about the sort of HORSESHIT NONSENSE that takes place in this discussion?


(oh and i'm still trying to get all this rss shit hammered out, so if this form doesnt work in a reader [and it wont] just visit the site.)


this is what the previous entry looks like in google reader. i guess marquees are out. and background colors.


okay this is a quick test to see exactly what happens to different things when put through an rss reader.

first is a simple table and marquee type thingy. i vote for "won't work".

oh and for this to make sense you need to subscribe to the rss feed, yeah?



so until now i havent been putting the content of new posts in the rss feed, just an update notice, but today i am gonna start putting the content in the actual feed.
some posts will break inside of a reader, soooo if a post looks totally fucked just go to the site and check it out in context.
i'm also gonna take this time to say that i have no beef with a post being fucked up by a reader, and maybe they are made better by it.



originally saw this link on ryder's delicious and some are so good i gotta put them up here.

and some pages where its impossible to take one video out of context: